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25.1.2019 -
Small changes
Author: GM Lunia

Hello, today I will be making a quick restart to mainly fix a bug with the new knight spell, but I will add some other small things too.

-Uber exori gran no longer hits players if you got safe mode on.

-Added a new Task NPC inside the 650 area, it gives attribute points & good exp rewards for players in that level, the tasks are mostly about exploring some new areas.

-Fixed a bug with the Toxic Mage boss.

-Some map bugs fixed.

-Decreased health/damage of some level 650 quest monsters.

-Monsters inside the 750+ quests will now spawn slower.

-Giga Spider now has a tiny chance to spawn together with an Omega Spider (it's a new boss and if it happens, it's automatically broadcasted and the omega spider boss gives attribute points and some really strong equipment)

18.1.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

-Some small map bugs were corrected.

-Monster boxes now gets removed after 1 hour of not being used.

-Fixed an issue that caused monster boxes to spawn on places that weren't intended.

-Discoverer outfit now has the correct name.

-Thunder hammer now has -2% damage taken instead of -4%.

-Added a new spell for knights above level 700+.

"Uber exori gran" it's a stronger version of their previous aoe spell.

-Removed exura gran ico (it was just some spell from real tibia that wasn't used and it confused a lot of new players, maybe it will be added as something else in the future)

-Orbs (the effects that give EXP, 2x dmg etc) can no longer spawn on special tiles (PZ and some other places)

-Using a reroll token now updates your health/mana instead of only updating it when you relog. (this was added around a week ago)

-Monster boxes can no longer spawn monsters behind a wall/in unreachable locations.

-Haste & strong haste no longer stacks with eachother.

-The ingame autohealing will now properly heal mages health, before in some cases it wouldn't cast healing spells even if you were low on HP, that was fixed now.

-Added three new spawns (Cavedwellers, Deathmans and Orclopses)

They're located inside the 750+ area.

-Added four new quests inside the 750+ area.

Most of the quests also contains some new systems, so please send feedback if you would like to see more of such things in the future.

-NPC Daily now has another keyword, if you ask him about "points" he will now tell you how many of his random points that you have unlocked. 

-Decreased the power of most quest monsters inside the 500+ and 650+ quests.

-Added a new quest inside the 350+ zone.

-Added two new normal Bosses (the ones you can see with the command), they're located insided the Death Dragon spawn and the Cavedweller spawn.


That should be everything, maybe I missed adding something to the list, and I will try my best to make some weekly patches.

17.12.2018 -
Minor update
Author: GM Lunia

-Utito mas vis now shoots a thunderstrike at your target every second, ontop of giving you the magic level increase as before.

Note: this is mostly to test a new system, this change isn't meant to fix any balance issues.


-NPC Grizzly (500+ area) now has 2 additional tasks. 

-NPC Daily now properly gives random attribute points, you have a 15% chance to get an attribute point for completing a mission from him, up to a maximum of 5 times.

-NPC Daily now gives you double experience for the monsters killed during the task, instead of just 50% more experience. The NPC can now also give missions for level 750+ spawns if you are high enough.

22.11.2018 -
A couple of changes
Author: GM Lunia

-Added two new spawns, they're behind a new level 750 gate inside the teleport room. The monsters there contain the best EXP to HP ratio.

-Added two new quests, they're behind a new level 750 gate inside the teleport room. The monsters in those quests might be adjusted in the coming days.

-Added a new spell for druids, Exura gran sio, it requires level 500+ to use.

-Sorcerers now deal 10% more damage.

-Extreme health potion now heals around 20% more.

-Guild leaders can now broadcast to their guilds with a new command (!bg or /bg and typing the message afterwards)

-Reduced the delay for pushing creatures, in the future we will try to make so that you can push even while using potions etc.


10.11.2018 -
Some new spawns and quests
Author: GM Lunia

-Paladins heal slightly more and take reduced damage in pvp with hits to their health (added 3 days ago)

-If you've got secure mode/pvp mode turned on, you will no longer do damage to non skulled players with aoe spells. (so you will no longer get skulled while hunting with aoe spells)

-Houses with inactive owners (offline for more than 10 days) will now be automatically be cleaned at 22:00 CET everyday, instead of just at restarts. This isn't working currently.

-Added two new spawns inside the 650+ area.

-Added two new quests inside the 650+ area.

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