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7.6.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

-The !kills command now displays time remaining on your red and black skull. (was added around 1 week ago, but hasn't been mentioned anywhere)

-The first time that you win the zombie event you will now recieve an attribute point. (thanks to Flying Whore for this idea) Note: players that have already won before need to win again in order to recieve this attribute point.

-Invasion portals can now be spawned by Gamemasters, will be used in some manual raids! There have also been some new exclusive raid monsters added, which can give some new attributes!

-The bonus speed orb was changed to be a Damage Aura boost instead, like those that were added inside of dungeons recently. You still gain the bonus speed from the orb, but now also gain a damage aura for a short duration of time. (was added 2 days ago)

 -Looking at an invasion portal now displays how many monsters it can spawn, and what monsters it's going to spawn.

31.5.2019 -
Small patch
Author: GM Lunia

 -We now have a facebook page, 

-The wiki has been updated to contain some basic info about dungeons, events, most missing bosses has been added. There also has been a section added about things that aren't so obvious, like when are events, when are houses cleaned etc. [made by Nefinoo]

-Adjusted the PvP damage between different vocations by a small amount. 

-High level monsters (700+) inside spawns now deal slightly less damage towards mages.

-Added a new quest inside the 900+ area. 

-Added a new spawn inside the 900+ area. 

-NPC Madcap now has 3 new missions.

-You now need to be inside a protection zone in order to use !joinevent command while there's no event running, if there's an event running you can still use the command to join events outside from protection zones aslong as you don't have battle.

-Changed how the orbs that give experience inside the dungeons works, before when you got an orb that gave flat experience it gave you a very small amount of experience inside dungeons. Now instead of giving flat experience, you will get a damage aura around you similar to utito gran mas frigo that only damages creatures around you for a short duration. We'll probably make more adjustments to add more interesting boosts similar to this one in the future.

-You can now change your characters names for 100 premium points inside the account management page.



13.5.2019 -
small patch
Author: GM Lunia

-Disintegrate rune now works like on real tibia, previously you couldn't use it on tiles where players stood, and it would only remove the top item. Now you can use it on tiles where players stand and it removes every item in the stack.

-Added the missing level 900+ quests to the quest "tracker" (when you step into a quest that you've completed, it will tell you if you've completed them, or when you look at the teleport leading to the quest).

-Added a new dungeon for players above level 900+. It contains a larger amount of monsters than previous dungeons, and there's a new outfit obtainable from this dungeon.

-Fixed a bug that caused the premium scroll to only display 10% bonus exp increase when you looked at yourself, it still gave +15% experience but it only displayed 10% when you looked at yourself and checked your exp multiplier.

-The giga spider arena was changed a littlebit, now it has more entrances and can fit more players.

-Added a small jail inside the city.

-Added 5 new houses, located south west inside the city.

-Chain was changed to work as it should. (this has been ingame since 1 week back, but it hasn't been mentioned on the website news yet, only on our forums on discord, so I will include it here too) Here's the information how it was changed: chain changes

-New tasks?

-Henky quest?


4.5.2019 -
Author: GM Lunia

-The mindreader, great succubus and the shadow rider bosses now drops spell scrolls again, they are quite rare. These items will permanently upgrade some spells.

-You can now push players while you are attacking something again.

-Utamo tempo san now properly gets removed inside the zombie event.

-Now the server will log who wins the zombie event, we'll add a highscore to the website of who has won the most events this week.

-Reduced the damage of monsters inside the 750+ dungeon.

-The following spawns are now bigger: Silencers, Frozemoths, Ancient Golems, Oldschool Knights.

-Added a new spawn inside the 900+ area, Silver Dragons.

-Added a new quest inside the 900+ area.


27.4.2019 -
Small patch
Author: GM Lunia


This patch will introduce our system for automatic events. This includes our own custom zombie event, a new chat channel called events (will be used for broadcasting bosses, and new events), a new area called the event waiting room, a new dancing minigame, and some new items that are purchasable with event tokens.

Zombie event: In this event you'll be spawned at a island, there'll be unkillable zombies and other monsters spawning inside the island overtime. The monsters cannot be killed, if you get near a zombie you will be eaten and kicked out from the event, and the last standing player will win the event. There's also some boosts which will make you invisible and run faster for a short duration to help you evade all the monsters. In the start this event can only be manually started by GMs, but it will probably be made automatic this week - if everything works as it should. Participating inside this event will give you event tokens, which can be used to buy some new items.

Event waiting room: This area contains the new items purchaseable with event tokens, it also contains a dancing minigame. The area will also be used for automatic events, when a event starts, it will be broadcasted and you can sign up for the event by typing !joinevent. Everyone that has signed up for the event and are located inside the waiting room will be automatically teleported inside the event when it starts. You can also access the event waiting room even when there's no event running by typing !joinevent (if you wish to buy items with event tokens, or access the dancing minigame).

Dancing minigame: Just a quick and simple game, where you have to dance around and dodge explosions to stay inside. The longer you are inside, the more explosions there will be! There's also highscores for those who have danced the longest, the highscores can be seen by looking at a sign inside the event waiting room.

 In the future we'll look to add more different kind of events, and some more small minigames to the waiting room!

Other changes this patch:

-Added a new quest inside the 900+ zone

-You can now see players charms on the website.


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